The Sleeper may be the PULSE

The Sleeper may be the PULSE

I cast the new SAGE PULSE today.

I have fished the SAGE MOD as well as the SAGE BOLT this summer already.

Like the MOD, could take or leave the BOLT, and love the PULSE.

It is the price point of the three. Coming in at 450 bones.

The Graphite IIIe is reminiscent of the XP.

It really does cast well with a couple different lines on it. The RIO Gold, the RIO Grand, RIO Perception.

The PULSE may be the Jewel of the new SAGE introductions.

Come in and try both the MOD and the PULSE. We got ’em lined up and ready to roll.

I can’t wait to fish this new IIIe selection on the Missouri River.

How about you?

The Sleeper may be the PULSE
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