In a strange but true situation here on the Missouri River the Dry Fly Fishing is better than the Nymph Fishing.


While the Missouri River is know for its famous dry fly fishing it is also a fantastic nymph fishery. Unbelievable in fact.

But, for the last couple weeks the nymph bite has been shitty soft. An understatement really. While we are still getting some trout to eat the nymph it has not been stellar. We are used to stupendous nymph fishing all year long. Of course we see some soft spots…this is certainly one of them.

Not that you can’t catch  few trouts on the wet fly. You can. But it not what we, or you, have become accustomed to. It will turn at some point. We will let you know here of course. But until then, do not expect to set any records.

The Dam is not even that hot yet. It will allow heat up as the month passes by and we approach September.

Twist of Fate. The Dry Fly is Hot!

On the other hand, the dry fly anglers are still having a heyday! Not much pressure for us in August and there are plenty of fish not getting bothered. Go out and find your Valhalla.

Some days there are rising fish all day long after the spinner fall in the morning gets the fish in the right mood. You know that feeling. The Trico Spinner Falls have been epic on any given day. Not always, but almost always. Less pressure here than in July and June have allowed the fish to become pretty comfortable sipping in historical summertime pods.

Then there are those lone fish. Do you like the loners? They can be brown in flavor.

Folks are finding the dry effective all the way through the canyon and downriver to Cascade. Check out the daily weed flow and choose your reach. Today the weeds not too bad. Better than the last few days for sure folks.

Headhunters guides are stretched out all over the river. Mostly downstream though as the hopper and attractor flies have been killer. Maybe not all day long but before the sun gets too high the fish are certainly in a positive feeding mode.

We love Trico’s and love to fish them. Get on out and enjoy a quieter river for another month. Then September picks up a little. Most of the rest of the state is fishing really well and we enjoy this time of year while some of our guests are fishing the Freestones. Like the Blackfoot!

If you love the dry fly, come on out and toss your line in. Most days I see more dry fly anglers than nymphers. Yep, true.

Shop open daily @ 6am and open late til 9pm. Late shuttles, flies, info, and the early stuff too. Coffee is on and hot early here in Craig.

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