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Weekend Fly Fishing Report Montana’s Missouri River

Weekend Fly Fishing Report Montana’s Missouri River

Writing this report not he porch here at Headhunters of Craig and the smoked smells of Izaaks Restaurant wafting though the fishing ‘burb of Craig are making me hungry. Check out the menu of BBQ and steakhouse classics and take a hard look at the fresh sheet with Chef John’s culinary brain at work on the daily special menu. Have Scotty pour up a House Margarita chased with best in local Montana brews on tap and in the bottle.

Water levels higher than last week, but about the same as the two previous to that. 7500cfs at press time with the tribs relatively clean and spilling little to hardly noticeable changes in color at their confluences. Dearborn at 842 and softly falling. Little Prickly Pear at 263cfs falling 100cfs this week.

Anglers stacked on the upper river. Les as you head downhill. Saturday and Sunday Amy be challenging out there with unknown water changes coupled with maybe the first weekend of non angling rec floaters. Nevertheless it will be quite busy out there.

Mostly nymphers as we continue with displacement traffic as the remainder of the state is not terribly fishable. Save for the many spring creeks and upper ends of historically cleaner flowing resources we are the relief valve for the entire state. Some strippers out there with the occasional swinger mixed in for good measure.

Beyond 6K Mo River flows can make difficult on the wade fish gang. Currently above that thresh-hold. BE careful stepping into the waters here this spring. Not uncommon these flows, but for some new, and some old, anglers here Be Safe is the theme.

Boat anglers new to the river can be fooled by the power of this visually docile river. Life jackets within reach is a great idea. Not a and idea to don them if you encourage safety. Not nasty out there at these flows, but Being Safe is the primary goal of every day. Coming back to the dock is good.

The dry fly anglers finding them when the sun is locked from the water. Clouds are good.

Busy out there. Be Cool man.

Open daily 7am.

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