Who's in your Boat?

Who’s in your Boat?

Who’s in your Boat?

Who’s in your boat for a day of fishing? Sometimes includes the guide, sometimes you are the guide, sometimes you may be stuck with your rotten neighbor, and even sometimes family! Can be good?! Can be bad?!

Dewey here from Headhunters Fly Shop speaking today about my boat buddies. I love fishing with them!

This is about some of my boat buddies. All are from the shop. I hope to give you some insight as to why I love to fish with the people mention in this blog.

I came to work here at Headhunters for various reason’s.  The #1 reason was to learn to become a better fisherman. This lofty goal, and achieving it exceeded all my expectations.

I would like to share some of the experience I’ve picked up from a few of the people I call fishing partners.

Sara Roholt: Something I call her quiet oars. Sometimes I call her names. But before you know it when Sara is at the helm we are in perfect position to cast, and catch, fish. Sara moves the boat with no effort. She may also have the  best eyes on the river. We can be floating along and she will softly say, “Dewey, on your right fifty yards down river, six inches from the bank is a good one.” I can’t even see that far! All of a sudden we are in position… “get it in there.” Poof! I am now casting to a twenty inch trout.

As for pattern choice when fishing with Sara I simply take what is offered. Sara will say I “try this.” No argument on my part. Does it always work? No but that’s probably due to operator error. Sometimes Sara brings an additional partner. Waylon, one of here hunting dogs can’t fish, but sure is a great swimmer!

Ben McNinch: The best boat rower I have ever fished with. If you don’t think this important you have never been with a good oarsmen. Ben is so quiet, so soft not he oars…like a talented water color painter. He just feels it.

When fishing with Ben I’ll hear him say throw it over there, and with out hesitation I fire it to target. Do I always get the fish on that first cast? No. But the confidence that it’s the right spot is always there. Fishing with Ben always improves my game. He drags me up to the next level!

In my opinion Ben is the the best caster I have ever fished with.  When I put him twenty feet too far from the target, Ben simply makes up the distance with a booming cast. He puts it drag free right on the fish.

Lastly, there is a reason Ben is our fly purchasing guru. He knows what the fish are eating. I am in awe at Ben’s ability to sift through the catalogs of flies and find flies that are right for the Missouri River. Occasionally Ben will share new patterns he is personally developing. Nothing wrong with fishing flies that the trout have not seen before!

Braden Lewis: Braden joined the shop a year after I did. Braden worked hard to become a very good oarsmen and caster. Lots of days on the river. Lots of hours int he casting lane at Headhunters Fly Shop.

Braden and I fished together a lot our first year together. We made some epic voyages together in the rain…without the proper gear. We both have become wiser from the experience, at least I am. All of the practice has payed off as Braden has improved in both areas of rowing and casting!

The fact that he and Ben share a day off has a much to do with that. The thing I like about Braden is his willingness to try anything. Braden will fish the most outlandish pattern with conviction. Almost willing it to work. Does it always? No but when it does, look out.

Both Braden and Ben are fantastic fly tiers! Two of the best that I know. Braden’s fly box is always full of new and improved patterns…he constantly says to me while showing me a new trial pattern “Check this one out!”

Shane Wilson: Shane joined the crew last year. Shane’s passion to learn and fish is matched in the shop by no one! We both started guiding this year and I like to think we together, learning and rowing and fishing together made a difference.

When we fished together it was about reading water and adjusting our presentations. Shane has a great passion to catch fish and help others catch fish. Just ask Shane’s wife Kelly, she’ll fill you in. I only wish I still had Shane’s passion for fishing. I’m pretty close to having the same level of passion…but my two daughters keep me happily busy with other family projects.

Nick Halle: ???? Only kidding Nick. He makes me wish I were young again. What have I learned from Nick? The passion to learn. To never stop questioning. My statement to Nick is, “Never stop Nick.” By the way, Nick can catch fish. Good Luck Nick! Take it all in and absorb all that you can.

Who’s in your Boat?

Boat buddies. Life time friends or fly fishing acquaintances.  Never take any of them for granted as all can make you a better fisherman. I have only briefly touched on the skills of all above. They are the heart and soul of Headhunters. Use them wisely. Ask questions. Dig for answers. Enjoy the conversation.

I know I have.



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