You haven't booked your summer trip yet?

You haven’t booked your summer trip yet?

You haven’t booked your summer trip yet?

You are not totally screwed yet. But that time is nearing.

Like later this week…

June and July are nearing the ceiling for both guide and lodging booking capacities.

Just a simple heads up to you out there who have been a bit remiss in  your booking duties. I would be remiss if I did not mention it here on this very blog today.

Remember that June and July have incredible insect hatches including caddis, PMD’s, Trico’s, ants, hoppers to name a few. Therefore the opportunities for both guides and lodging options become slimmer every day.

You haven't booked your summer trip yet?
Craig summers are pretty cool man. If you like fly flicking dry flies at trout.

Summer is a special time. This one will be busy. If you want to stay away from as many other anglers as possible, come in August. Or November. Or some years in October. Or in early May.

  • August brings you dry fly opportunities that sometimes border on purely impossible. The terrestrial fishing can be sick whilst blind fishing a dry, or a caddis pattern. Nymphing not good with too many subsurface weeds that complicate the nymphing journey beyond belief.
  • October/November. Swingers Unite. Some dry fly fishing depending on the year with BWO’s. Sick short leashing.
  • May? You will just have to try it out. Many of our shop employees believe this is the best month per annum.

But if you are still planning to come out mid summer, in the ;peak season, then we suggest getting on the phone today. Julie and Sara are waiting to hear from you. 406-235-3447

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