29 Reasons to Love the Missouri River

29 Reasons to Love the Missouri River

February 29th today. Leap Year is in effect. I do not like February. It is my least favorite month.

Why? Shitty weather, not much precip., and cold. Boring too. Not a great month, in my opinion.

You? Do you like February?

So goodbye to February and hello March. Bring on the bugs, the friends, the better fishing, and hopefully more winter weather. February did not treat us all that well in the water retention category.

Today we talk about 29 reasons to Love the Missouri River. There are more, but I just jotted down 29. Feel free to give me a few suggestions for next years list. Or 4 years from now.

We know you do like the Missouri River. And many thanks for following this website. John as always directs our web program with the recent updates in the blog and the cool new format video fishing report. Check out the Vimeo site , our Facebook page, and Instagram.

  1. A 12 month resource. 365 days of fishing.
  2.  A really long river. Longest river in NA. 2341 miles.
  3. Dry flies. Mostly all 12 months.
  4. Best access of any blue ribbon stream in possibly the world. Thanks to the local land owners. Thanks you.
  5. A new watchdog group UMOWA. Check them out. They are coordinating with the a plethora of other watchdog groups watching our water resources. UMOWA.
  6. Tens of thousands of insects per square meter. Way more than those freestones!
  7. Gary LoFontaine studied the bugs here then created the Buzzball for this river.
  8. The pheasant tail works here. Go figure.
  9. Summer on the Mo is fantastic.
  10. 35 miles of fishable water, near Craig Montana.
  11. Lewis and Clark were here.
  12. Big Horn Sheep live here.
  13. Hell Roaring Creek is the top of the chain. A trib of the Jefferson. The headwaters of the Missouri River.
  14. The most updated fly fishing blog in the Universe. Or at least on the MO. The Headhunter.
  15. Run-off does not affect our schedule. Clean and clear water even during May, June, and early July.
  16. Easy commute from either the Great Falls or Helena Airport. Just 2 hours from Bozeman.
  17. The best river for Trout Spey fishing in Montana. Long runs, active trout, and the perfect pace.
  18. San Juan Worm anglers welcome.
  19. Even the DFO’s sometimes recognize that all factions of fly anglers are necessary. Although some of them do not realize that if all anglers were dry fly fisherman there would be no room on our favorite dry fly flats. Variety is healthy.
  20. Great nymphing waters. The best months are in the spring March and April including May. September and October are fine as well.
  21. Many mayflies call the Missouri River home. March Browns, Blue Winged Olives, Pale Morning Duns, Trico’s, Brown Drakes, and more!
  22. Izaak’s. Best restaurant on a Blue Ribbon trout river. Bar None. Open soon. Late March. We are looking forward to seeing what Chef John has in store for us this year. New dishes, longer hours, killer cocktails.
  23. Midges are on tap. Soon.
  24. Streamer strippers love the Mo in May for the bigger brown trout. Many think the fall is the hot tip. We beg to differ. Come out in May if you want those brownies. The rainbows are on the spawn and out of the way.
  25. 3 fly shops in Craig. Craig population 37. You do the math.
  26. Craig Caddis Festival May 21st. Super fun. Brews and Browns Craft Beer Festival Saturday September 3rd of Labor Day Weekend. Another great event in Craig Montana!
  27. Caddis! May, June, July! And October Caddis too!
  28. Joe’s Bar. 8am-2am. Spend an evening in Joe’s. It may change your life.
  29. The only place I want to be. The best trout stream in all of America.
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