Tito Puente Take Five

Many of you know Tito Puente from Oye Como Va fame. yeah, he wrote that.

Today he is playing Take Five. Another famous tune written by Paul Desmond and made famous by The Dave Brubeck Quartet. The biggest selling jazz single of all time.

A pretty big deal.

Monday morning and no reason to have the blues. Winter feels like it has slipped away, but hold on to the hope that we will have more snow and sleet and rain.

Take Five today to do your snow dance.

Enjoy Tito’s version of Take Five to start your week out right.

King Tubby with this Dub cover. It is in 4/4 time…so loses some of the feel from the original, which is of course in 5/4 time.  Lots of Take 5 covers over the years. I think I like them all!

Enjoy your Monday. I’ll be humming  this all day long…

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