2FER TUESDAY Translucent Pupa BOGO Online Fly Sale

2FER TUESDAY Translucent Pupa/Emerger BOGO Online Fly Sale

2FER TUESDAY Translucent Pupa/Emerger BOGO Online Fly Sale

Here we go Tuesday with the Translucent Pupa Caddis Pattern that we all love. The secret to many a guides late spring and summer successes are due to the Translucent Pupa Caddis. Today the weekly offering 2FER TUESDAY Translucent Pupa or Translucent Emerger BOGO Online Fly Sale.

This pattern sits in the film. We like it greased, uncreased, sunken, or swing. Wow? All of those techniques with just one fly you say? I say YES! A versatile caddis pattern like no other.

Translucent Pupa

$2.50/2 BOGO Tuesday August 28th!

HEADHUNTERS SAYS This shaggy, non-beaded caddis pupa is a tough sell to an angler who has never seen it in action. Once you have, you may never use anything else when the caddis are popping. And we love the versatility. You can sink it deep or fish it just under the surface. It’s a great dropper, and you can even grease it up and fish it as a dry fly. When the fish are tough, this fly produces. At times nothing else works.

Enter COUPON CODE PUPABOGO in the coupon area and begin saving Tuesday August 28th!

Translucent Emerger

$1.25 Tuesday August 28th!

HEADHUNTERS SAYS This fly is deadly. In fact, if it were easier to see it would likely be our most popular caddis pattern. Buy you really need to fish this behind a high-vis pattern so you can locate it most of the time. It rides super low and is just as deadly as it’s sub-surface brother the Translucent Pupa.

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