Headhunters Closed Gone Fishing Monday August 27th

Headhunters CLOSED Gone Fishing Monday August 27th

Headhunters CLOSED Gone Fishing Monday August 27th

Headhunters will be closed Monday August 27th. Gone fishing.

Letting some sleep in, others fish, or both.

Cold and raining on Monday with unseasonal air temps. Rain too. Snow above 5500 feet.

No shuttles. No rental boats. The lights will be off.

A good day to go steamer fishing! We will be…

See you Tuesday Morning at 630am.

Headhunters Closed Gone Fishing Monday August 27th
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  • We should all be so fortunate to have bosses like you guys. This is good on so many levels. The rest of corporate America needs to get on board..

  • Why does a person work as a guide or a shophand in Montana? Because they love to fish! Nice gesture John and Mark- an entire day unencumbered by clients and time lines. Cool bosses. Hope someone broke away to town to refill the Xanax, because… they’re coming… their tiny mayfly eyes squinted, mouths showing sadistic tiny mayfly sneers… the insidious pseudos… hope someone is practicing swinging tiny wets. And hope all had a great day

  • Rio Grand King
    August 27, 2018 3:36 pm

    Gary LaFontaine wrote about the “August Singularity”- the dramatic breaking down from Montana’s hot dry Summer to Fall weather-specifically rain. Gary put the date for the transition at August 21 and scheduled fishing around it. I shared that tidbit with people at work one rainy August 21st.

    One of them shared a scholarly examination of the meteorological event that we’re enjoying now; Does an August Singularity Exist in the Northern Rockies of the United States?, by Peter T. Soule and Paul A. Knapp. It appeared in the JOURNAL OF APPLIED METEOROLOGY AND CLIMATOLOGY.

    Turns out its real and its spectacular! Just not tied to the 21st.

    • Awesome c0nnection. We believe here in central Montana. It’s true. It has happened. It is happening. It will happen again. LaFontaine is highly respected around these parts. Thanks for the comment Rio Grand King. Just awesome!

  • Terry Armstrong
    August 27, 2018 9:21 pm

    Hope you guys had a great day

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