5 Missouri River Tips for a better weekend

5 Missouri River Tips for a better weekend

5 Missouri River Tips for a better weekend

  1. Short Leash. Rig the bobber rig with a couple Pals Tabs and roll. Find that skinny water and toss it in. 2′-3′ for the distance between bobber and bottom fly. Or go medium at 4′. A rainbow Czech up top and a Pseudo below.
  2. Dry-Dropper. Hang a Little Green Machine or. a Two Bit Hooker from your Adams, or larger caddis fly.
  3. Streamer fish the shallows, or towards the banks. Small black leeches. Or go big young man. How about white?
  4. Don’t go to the dam. Or do. All of your best friends are up there. It’s a whole big river out there.
  5. Sleep in. Water temps have cooled and the air temps in the mornings in Craig have been in the 30’s some days. Wait for the frost to come off of the boat seat!

The fish are eating what you throw at them. Throw at them well. Bad drifts do not catch many trout. And no, dragging your caddis near one does not excite that fish sir. It angers the trout, and they leave.

Have a great weekend. The Micro BWO’s have been coming out in big numbers. Saw some true BWO’s yesterday in the mid afternoon deluge on the river. October Caddis around too. Trcio’s good enough to get your engine running. Caught a number of fish on the CB Spinner yesterday as well.

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