5 Tips for BWO Success

5 Tips for BWO Success

5 Tips for BWO Success

Snow days coming today and tomorrow. Some don’t like the weather forecast. Others are jumping for JOY!

Lets hope it doesn’t blow too hard front he north.

The fish will be loving it. They are attaching their feed bags and readying themselves for a great October. I think this will be a good one.

Good lower water temperatures have right in the hot zone for trout love. Right in the wheel house at 56F. BWO’s love this temp too. A bit lower would be fine but I think we may see a few pop somewhere on the Missouri River today, tomorrow, soon.

5 Tips for BWO Success

  1. Overcast skies, damp, no wind. That is what we are hoping for daily. The bugs get stuck to the surface as the BWO must dry its wings before taking flight. The longer they are stuck on the surface, the better the fish like it. The better the fish like it, the more fish we have an opportunity to catch. The more we catch, the more we smile. The more we smile…So do snow dance, a cool weather dance, a no wind dance, a little jig in your living room to spawn great days ahead.
  2. Plan your day. Start late stay late. As the month move forward put the boat in at 9 or 10 am. Then fish til dark. 145pm til 5 pm is your best bet for rising trout. The the meat of the day.
  3. Wade anglers move uphill. If you are a wade angler fish in reverse of the the boat anglers. Start at the bottom of the reach and move upstream during the day passing those silly boat anglers in the middle somewhere. That way you find angler solace all day long. Fewer anglers, more fish.
  4. Fish a BWO Cripple. Do it. Fish eat cripples. Fish also eat Adams. Fish eat good drifts too. Have some patterns in your BWO box that have dark posts/wings. They show up well in low light or glare conditions which you will understand if it is overcast and perfect.
  5. BWO fish eat good drifts. Old bull, young bull. If you don’t know this parable look it up or ask a friend. I’ll give you a hint. You want to be the old bull. Too many young bull sour there and they are not the ones using the net.

Great days ahead. I do believe the fishing will come unhinged soon. Maybe today. We have seen a few of the big bugs already. I remember fishing a client in the Cascade reach a number of years ago for Arnie Gidelow and the fishing going off on the 4th and the 5th of October. It was off the hook. This could go down as a really good one. I’m feeling it!

P.S. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to approach softly and utilize a reach cast. 

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