5 Tips for Better Missouri River Spring Fishing

Fishing Reports from the last week have been varied. Spring like conditions are ever changing and it pays to keep a few things in mind when fishing the Missouri River the next couple months.

The water can be green this time of year and it freaks a lot of fellers out. Should it? Flows are 4700cfs with water temps in the 35.5F frame. It should rise this week. The temps not the flows.

5 Tips for Better Missouri River Spring Fishing

  1. Go where they aren’t. The people that is. Break out and fish new water. Change it up. It’s busy up river…
  2. Go Big. Big attractor type nymphs can get the job done. Worms, Scuds, your big fat favorite slutty fly.
  3. Go small. Zebra’s and tiny black flies catch big trout.
  4. Go Slow. Watch all of the boats float through the faster summer water. Maybe they are busy drinking though. The rower, when drift fishing, has to participate. Those who don’t engage the oar blades with the water don’t catch as many. Winter and spring fish reside in soft, deep, boring water.
  5. Go Fish mid-week. Weekends when the weather is nice are pretty busy. Come out and fish Monday-Thursday and take advantage of fewer folks on the water. Plan ahead and capitalize.

Be smart on the water. If you are the type of guy that like to go out and get some to the net you have to plan accordingly. Following the same grind, the same float pattern, and the same plan does not encourage angler growth. Changing, keeping it fresh, and fishing new water is a path to development.

Don’t stop learning or trying. If you need some suggestions how to force change in your life, stop on by the shop. We’ll lead you down some new roads, channels, rivers…

Headhunters Fly Shop open daily at 8am and now open later for your late afternoon fly fishing binging.

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