Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 3.8.15

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 3.8.15

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report from Headhunters Fly Shop in Craig MT.

Warm weather brings the folks out and the fish up. Overcast skies help things too. Today? Sun is the forecast.

Some good reports for those out headhunting on Saturday. Enough midges to get s few fish looking up? How many? One is enough say most.

Flies that fellers were coming in at the end of the day and hoarding? Midge clusters primarily, but a few popped a single dry midge patterning as well. Reneballs, Buzzballs, Harrop’s Midge Cluster, Quigley’s Cluster, Royal Cluster, Matt’s Midge, Snowshoe Posted Midge and more.

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 3.8.15
Curt Reynolds teaching the ins and out of 2 handed casting Saturday at Headhunters Fly Shop Free Casting Clinics

Those longer leaders are making their first real appearance too. RIO 12′, Harrop’s TroutHunter in longer lengths as well accompanied a few out the door on the way to the river this weekend. It’s time to update your gear from last fall. Dust it off, toss some out, and make sure you are ready for rising trout you may encounter.

As for the nymphers…good fishing in the right kind of water. Not so good in the wrong kind of water. Find the boring winter water. Which equals the good winter water.

Nymphs? All the good stuff. Pink, FireBeads, Sows, Scuds, Pink LB’s, Ninch’s Lucent Bead Sow, Worms, Caviar Scud, Zebra’s, Little Green Machine, S & M Brown, Two Bit Hooker, Indigo Child, Rainbow Czech’s, Amex, Newman’s Own Midge…

Streamer Bite. Not terrible. May not always be good, but there  are some streamer chuckers out there getting after it. Some good stories, some not so good stories. Slow is the key. The water temp dropped this last week back to the 35F mark. It will climb higher as we move into this spring like seasonable weather.

2Handers are out and swinging around the river. Top to bottom you can find great runs for exploring. Headhunters is your Trout Spey Store. Look us up if you have any questions you need answered in this sometimes confusing game.

Hi’s near and maybe above 60F this next week. Check out the weather report on the right sidebar.

Shop open daily at 8am and now open later as the weather permits. Some are coming out for an afternoon wade fish or an afternoon float.


Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 3.8.15
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