5 Tips for Missouri River December Angling

Headed out for a December trip to the Mighty Mo? We think you should enjoy it. Here are a few Wednesday December tips for success.

  1. Fish in the heart of the day. If the temperatures are well below 30F in the morning, go have breakfast, and an early lunch. Then head out. Fish when the fishing is good. Period. The afternoons are far better than the mornings.
  2. Nymph in the soft water for winter hook-ups. Find the soft water and watch the bobber in the slow water. Hit it if the fly, or the bobber, moves a millimeter contrary to the current. Hit ’em all!
  3. Pink is the best color for winter nymphs. The Amex, Pink LB, FB Ray, FB Blooms Weight Fly…Pink is the answer. But, having said that the mayfly patterns still have validity. Through the month of December. Then…then totally PINK.
  4. Swing it. Fish the 2 handed rod. Trout Spey your favorite run. Learn something new this year. Swing the  fly of your choice. The fish can be in the bottom end of the run, on the drop-off, or even in the middle of the river. But more often  the fish are in the softer water. Look for the winter water. Search it out. Find it. Fish it. Twitch it. Swing it. Enjoy it.
  5. Enjoy the winter months. Not many folks around. Don’t crowd other anglers. There is plenty of water out there to fish. Find a run that you have not fished before. Discover new water while you have the chance. Seize the season.


Enjoy the winter months. December is awesome. The fish are still pretty active. The water temps are 39F. The fish will move on the fly. Not like the summer months, not like on a hopper, but they will grab it will conviction.

Some takes can also be so very soft. The tick tick tick of the small bite will drive you nuts. Cast again and let it happen.

Remember to sleep in and come late. Fish late. The fish like it when the sun comes off the water. But we also like the just afternoon bite.

This just in today. The water level forecast from the Canyon Ferry Water Operations Plan…

5 tips for Missouri River December Angling

5 Tips for Missouri River December Angling
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