Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 12.3.15

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 12.3.15

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 12.3.15

Water levels are remaining at 3030cfs along with water temps falling below the 40F mark @ 38.5F last evening. The water is on the low side of normal. Looks like it will ram in that way for the winter season. Get used to the shallow and skinny water.

The runs are just right for swinging. Some are. I know that I have been in spots that are too slow based on the lower water levels. Yet some runs are playing just perfectly for the winter game.

Most of the talk in the shop is about the swing. Those who have been floating are focussed on the nymphing technique. Wade fishers too. Finding the winter type buckets with some thought about the medium slow. The fish may not be in the slowest of the slow tanks, but they will be there soon.

Find those good looking inside lanes and fish it.

Split shot or not? Both ways work. Fishing the heavier tungsten lead flies will get it down with a  smaller midge like second fly. Those fishing split shot can fish any combo. Ipersonally go back and forth between the split shot or not theory. Really depends on the day.

Finding the fish is the first part of the battle. Once you locate them remember that type of water and fish it again. Return to your favorite runs first and then go exploring.

Most anglers fishing the upper half of the Missouri. It should remain the same for the winter. Not as much traffic on the lower end. It will freeze in the next couple months.

Some of the boat ramps can be a pretty sketchy in the snow. Stop in the shop and ask us of rth latest slippery boat ramp report. Be safe out there.

Shop open daily @ 8am.

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