A balmy 32F this morning

A balmy 32F this morning

A balmy 32F this morning

Feels great today. Through the holiday weekend, the holidays, and looking towards the balance of ’22.

It already feels good.

Snow in the hills and stacking up in parts of the U.S. of A. Love it. Locally seeing 70% of average YTD. SO a bit behind but with snow and cooler temperatures forecast for the week ahead we are encouraged by the start we have and look towards building on our late, yet decent start to the winter snow pack.

At the shop we got through that damn cold week and it feels like heaven int he shop today. This little shack ain’t got much warmth in the way of insulation, but the love of fly fishing keeps us warm all year long. Heaters too…

We will see some swingers out there with this air temp. Those fish are cold with water temperatures in the 33F range. The water flows are back down at 3300 cos today. Will we see more fluctuations as the winter air temps bounce around? Yep. Evidence of aforementioned anchor ice can be witnessed in great detail downriver of the Untouchables Bridge. Fascinating to see the ice forming from the bottom. Check its out if you are near.

And if you are near Prewitt Creek stop at the Missouri River Inn. Open Noon til 8pm Tuesday thru Sunday. We think? Rumor of breakfast too but the FB page does not state that, just some pics. Call ahead if you want a bite this winter 406-770-0192.

Winter Guide Trips available and it will become more probable with mild winter daytime temps. IF you get the Cabin Fever this month give us a shout. Not great lead times necessary. But a couple days would be good to round up a slumbering guide. The staff will certainly be out on the water this week between cold snaps.

Shuttles available daily if you just want to get that boat in the water for a minute or two. Shop open daily 8am. Lots of Spey Gear available with the recent ACR Trout Spey rod delivery. Call if you want one. The list of for those waiting has been checked so we may have a couple in stock for those wanting one of these coveted 2 Handed Rods.

Finishing counting flies tomorrow to put 2021 to bed. Updated intern et, again, as we seek the best of for our biz here in central Montana. Always improving here at HH of Craig and this year is no different. We can’t wait to see you folks when the sun spends more time in the sky. If you like June, July, or September, early October…you may want to get your planning moving ahead as well. Spots, guides, lodging becoming thinner everyday.

Happy New Year to all of you Headhunters out there. Again, looking forward to 2022, with you sitting on the porch, in the drifter, on the shore staring at the water, casting…


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  • “Always improving here at HH of Craig…” Probably the greatest thing about Headhunters: They never slack off.

    p.s. I drive past the shop twice each week in December and January. I can verify that someone is always there. Impressive work ethic.

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