A Craig Montana New Years Ritual

A Craig Montana New Years Ritual

24F with a 10-15mph north breeze for air temps on skin at about 0F.

So why not dip your entire body in the water on New Years Day.

A New Years Day Ritual
The orange dude in the suit is the safety net!

And at noon they do. This year Braden was our lone participant.

He did wade into the water with his SIMMS Vapor Wading Boots. I would have had the image up but I have found if you do not insert the SD card in your camera it fails to record the image…

Braden survived as all of the dippers did. The fellow in the orange dry suit from the Craig Volunteer Fire Department is in place to make sure nobody either floats or sinks.

The last day in the NFL regular season is today. There is a ton of slush in the river. It is cold enough to freeze up your guides in mere seconds.

But some will be out there fishing of those wily and cold trout. Air temps this week will touch the mid 30’s for decent fishing temps. Also this weekend ahead we will have another of our wildly famous Free Trout Spey Clinics on Saturday the 9th.

Fly Tying Night in America begins next week on Wednesday Night hosted by Braden and friends at the shop at 6pm.

craig, Craiglandia, MT
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