A good week(end) to fish?

A good week(end) to fish?

It certainly is if you like the snow. Snowed hard yesterday morning and made the roads a bit dicey. Cleared up in the afternoon with calm winds and overcast skies.

But the 20F air temp kept most off the river.

Lonely out on the Mo when the snow flies. And sometimes the wind blows too. Not quiet as cool.

And the wind the last couple days, meaning all week long, has been atrocious. Gusts over 50mph on Tuesday evening. Wednesday was no peach either with the snow showers. Today it is supposed to be a bit calmer. Fishable weather? Maybe.

The worse the weather, the fewer the number of anglers.

Not always a good idea to float the river. But always a good idea to get out there and cruise around with a  cup of coffee and a fly pole. The wind can keep you shoreside. And sometimes it should.

This weekend ahead looks like a winner. A great weekend to sneak out before the holiday ahead. Hopefully the entire week is awesome.

Weekend Weather
The fishing weekend ahead

We will see a bundle of college kids home for the holidays. And adults too. Look to us for your regional lodging and certainly we are an option for a Thanksgiving weekend guide trip. Bring out your family and enjoy some Missouri River Montana fly fishing fun.

Then make sure and keep us in mind for your Black Friday shopping experience. We’ll be open Thanksgiving morning til about 1pm for your turkey Day fix…



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