RIO Powerflex Plus Trout Leader and Tippet

The RIO Powerflex Plus new leader and tippet is stronger. 20% stronger!

That is the upshot of this new product from RIO. Stronger!

The only thing you have to worry about are bent hooks!

RIO Powerflex PlusRIO Powerflex Plus trout leaders and tippet material has always been tough. This new nylon technology ups the game. New packaging for this well received leader and tippet material.

Available in 7.5′, 9′, and 12′ lengths in a convenient 2 pack. All you need for battling trout on our local resource.

We here at Headhunters are into all the coolest new products. On a river that harbors a ton of big Rainbow and Brown trout it seems that RIO has made this material for anglers just like us.

Next time that you stroll through Craig Montana stop in and see us. We will introduce you to the stronger RIO Powerflex Plus.

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