The Missouri River Fly Line Source is Headhunters in Craig - Headhunters Fly Shop

Missouri River Fly Line Source is Headhunters in Craig

Missouri River Fly Line Source

In downtown Craig Montana you will find your Missouri River Fly Line Source. You can judge a fly shop by a ton of different parameters like customer service, friendliness, accurate information, the attention to detail in the fly department, the sheer number of flies, the clothing lines, rod selection…but I have always judged a fly shop by the fly line selection.

Yep. Nothing more impressive to me than the selection of the fly lines. Pretty nerdy to those outside this fly fishing lifestyle. But to those who dig the pinnacle of fly rod and fishing performance the smell of fly lines will bring them in.

A perfect introduction I just wrote to myself to let you the reader know that we love fly lines here at Headhunters. We have always believed that maybe not as important as your clean drag free drift the fly line plays a huge role in the success of any fly fishing outing.

The fly line is the vehicle that delivers the fly to the target.


We have a bundle of fly lines that will fit almost all of your needs here at Headhunters Fly Shop Craig Montana. While we may not have you covered for the salt we have got all the bases covered for freshwater trout applications. Not to mention the Trout Spey lines we carry.

Fly Line Backstock
Lots of backstock

Equally as important to the vast selection is our knowledgeable staff. The Headhunters gang fishes daily and is always up to sizing up any new line that we add to the fly line wall. We generally have the most popular lines on reels for you to try as well. We truly believe that matching the correct line to the rod goes a long ways in your fly rod casting and presentation successes.

And to top it all off we have always had this fly line guarantee in place: If for whatever reason you do not like the fly line that you purchased, bring it back in and we at Headhunters will make it right. Trade, swap, refund. Whatever it takes to make things right. 

A big selection of both single and two handed lines from RIO, Airlfo, SA, Wulff, and OPST. Stop on in and get a couple lines spun up this spring. Fly lines feel even better than new socks.

While we have many of the fly lines on the web-store we have even more on the shelf. So if you do not see it available on this site we most likely have it instore.

Do yourself a favor and hook more fish this season. It can start with a new fly line and Headhunters Fly Shop in downtown Craig. We will spin it up on site while you wait chill. Or head next door for a quick house Margherita at Izaak’s and it will be ready to go upon your return!



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