April Fools Missouri River Fishing Report

April Fools Missouri River Fishing Report

April Fools Missouri River Fishing Report

Our warmest weekend greets the April Fools Missouri River Fishing Report today. We love the 60’s in the spring months.

We have just come out of a snowy and rainy period that lasted a couple weeks. After this weekend we dip back into the snow/rain for a day or two and then back on the warming train. We did get some much needed moisture and can expect more to come as we have now moved into the 3 wettest months of the year. April, May, and June bring the majority of the precip we see all year.

April Fools Missouri River Fishing Report
Water Temps up this week

Look above and see the water temps moving towards BWO Love. Are they here yet? No. Coming? Yes.

Water Temps Rising

With the advent of the warmer water temps the fish are getting all revved up. Or more than they are for the winter months. We have moved above that stage. Getting all ramped up!

Midges are here but getting more prevalent every day. Enough of them out to get the fish looking up more commonly every afternoon. Stay out towards sunset and reap the rewards of fishing later in the day.

Some have tossed the Skwala with minor success. Some have tossed the streamer with mild success.

April Fools Missouri River Fishing ReportNymphers on the Missouri River

The best discipline if you like to use the net. Pink, Firebeads, Caviar Scuds, Rainbow and Amex Czechs, Ninch’s Bubble Yum, Barbie’s, Bloom’s Weight Fly, Arnold’s Sili Scud, Tailwater Sows, Ray Charles, Zebra’s, any Quigley Midge pattern, Lucent Bead bugs, Pink LB’s, LGM’s, Two Bits, Micro Mays, S & M’s, BWO Magic Fly’s, and the whole lot of additional midge patterns, BWO patterns, and any of the gaudy winter fare.

Most still fishing without split. But that is a bridge you must personally cross daily. Get them near the bottom.

Dry Fly Fans

Have not arrived at the time of year where you could expect some real quality dry fly action. Yet. It is coming. But not here yet. I know we talk a lot about that time because we are waiting with wild anticipation.

Bring the dry fly boxes and hope to get them out of your boat bag or vest. But we make no promises.

You could toss the bug fluffy fly if you would like.

Or, a big giant Adams or Purple Haze is all the craze. All of the westsiders are into that sort of game. You cast a giant mayfly at the bank for a few hours and something will suck it down.


April Fools Missouri River Fishing Report
All kinds of HH Logo Gear in store!

A nice time of year to be out. Pre-Weed on the Mo and another couple months of 2 handed fun to be had. Why not use two hands? As you know, demo rods, lines, and all of the coolest Trout Spey gear in stock. We certainly have more Montana Spey Gear in the shop than most. 150+ spey lines in stock. Yep. All of the Tips too!

New Cool Stuff Daily

Boxes of spring fly fishing stuff in the store daily. Form Tippet, to fly lines, to HH Logo Wear, to SIMMS rain gear, to Abel Reels, to Just Add Vise Kits and on and on. Stuffing it full for your trout fishing daydream items.

$350 Guide Trips

Through the month of April we offer the best in Spring Special Guide Pricing. Just 350 bucks gets you a guided fishing trip on the Mo! All inclusive. Everything but your fishing license and shades. All flies, terminal tackle, rod and waders if you need, lunch, and all N/A drinks included. Just bring your smile to make the day great!

Craig Trout Camp Lodging Discounted

April Fools Missouri River Fishing ReportBrown and Rainbow Cabins at $125, Sutton at $200, and Craig House at $250 and up. Stay in Craig MT at the Craig Trout Camp. Walking distance to Izaak’s. Other lodging discounts for local lodging available as well. Call the shop 406-235-3447 for more info and to book your early season fishing trip.

Izaak’s Open!

Izaak’s open everyday but Monday through the month. 3pm for cocktails and 4pm for dinner. Stop in and see  what Chef John and Chef Matt have come up with this year. We love it. They certainly have shaken things up with the menu changes. Small plates, the classic entree’s including Ribs, Brisket, and Pork, Flatbreads and Panini’s! Oh boy. The perfect end to each day on the Missouri.

Stop in Izaak’s to render your own April Fools Missouri River Fishing Report

Headhunters Fly Shop & Guide Service

Open daily @ 8am Now open later than 6pm Weekends til at least 7. Maybe this week ahead we will stay open later for those arriving locally after work for a quick fish.

Shuttles early and late too. We are the #1 Shuttle Service in the Mo River Canyon. Shuttles everyday but Christmas.

Flies, flies, and more flies.

Friendly faces like Sara, Ben, Braden, Dewey, and Shane greet you with rot gut coffee on the warmer all day long.

Come out to Craig and enjoy the weekend with Headhunters, Izaak’s and Joe’s Bar. The Craig Trifecta!

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