Winter truly starts now...

Winter truly starts now…

Winter truly starts now…

Christmas hangover. It will last a few days and then many will snap out of it.

The River Facts

And get back to reality. Winter here in Craig is the reality. Water temps are frigid 3 1/2 degrees above the freezing mark. So 35.5F it is. This will remain the temps until it dips to the 33F mark. Which we hope it does not. 36F is much better than below 36F. Although we are splitting hairs here.

Water flows in the higher 3K range. They will remain about the same for the remainder of the winter. Get used to it. It may come up again if the air temps get near the zero mark.

High winds are in the forecast this week as well. Gusts to 60mph today and tomorrow. So, pretty windy. May not be the best for trout fishing in the cold. Certainly give us a call 406-235-3447 before heading up to the river and see can give you the skinny on the wind, the weather, the bite.

Boat ramps are sketchy and shelf ice has become an issue as well. So be careful out there as you venture out. Many are fishing up towards the dam and that is the historical location for winter nymphing. Head on up there and get a few. Make sure to stop by the shop and let us make a few suggestions. We have plenty of flies for you pink session up top.

Dry Fly Dudes

There are a few dry fly opportunities in the winter as well. You will see the fish swimming near the surface in circles, in eddies, making sporadic movements towards the surface. This is a dicey situation. It does not mean that you can catch them. It means that there are fish in the water feigning surface interest. Midges are the insect that they will be flirting with. Flirting is a good term. Because they may not be eating them on top. But sometimes near the surface. So have at ‘er.

A floaty type of visible midge pattern like the double posted Griffith’s Gnat bug or a big Adams or a Buzzball with a Zebra attached below or a small black soft hackle will do the trick. Sometimes. It is like bait fishing in the fact that you gotta toss it onto the water in that pond situation and wait. And when you get tired of that staring deal, cast again and wait.

Winter Nymphers

Pink is the word. Fish are in the inside soft water lanes and will remain in the cold water lies until the temps creep above 40F. So status quo for about 3 months. Split shot or not. Bobber? Yep. Lead your bobber with you line as to get the correct hook set when those sluggish trout decide to get near your pink fly.

Want to learn more about winter nymphing or two handed swinging? We have John, Mark, Shane, and Dewey on tap for swinging and nymphing guide trips. $450 will get you there. A shorter day with hot soup and some river snacks too. Availability is excellent so short notice is OK by us!

Trout Spey on the Mo!

The 2 handed fly rod experts here in central Montana. Headhunters has the gear you need and want! Trout Spey is our favorite method in the winter months. Gear from Sage, ECHO, Orvis, OPST, RIO, Airflo, and SA including all the lines, rods, tips and secrets to help you get to the next level. It truly is our passion so let us know how we can help you go big!

Christmas is over. Get the gear you truly want @ Headhunters Fly Shop

We have the new Orvis blacked out Covert Helios 2 rods in stock. A cool look with the rod all murdered out! Be the coolest angler you know with one of these assassins tools.

The ECHO TR2 11′ 3 wt. or the popular 4 wt. are both in stock. So popular with our staff and becoming famous in the tri-county area. We have them in stock. Come in and demo it this week, or next, or in January!

The Sage ONE Trout Spey 10’9 2 wt. and 11′ 3 wt. are cool too! We have them in stock as well. Demo too!

Bigger sizes of rods in the shop as well. Form 2 wt. to the 7wt. We have you covered here in Craig. The largest selection of spey gear in Montana. Call us if you have any line inquiry’s, rod questions, or tip needs. Casting lessons? Casting info? Casting vids? Look us up here at Headhunters Fly Shop.

Get your single handed rods here too. The hot new Loomis Asquith is in stock at Headhunters Fly Shop. Come by and demo the rod everyone is talking about! In stock today! Fly lines? We have a HUGE selection of lines from RIO, SA, Airlfo, OPST. Flies? Lots and lots. Our streamer selection is grand. A pink hue glows in shop from the winter fly selection.

Winter Hours in Craig

Open daily in Craig from 8am til 5pm. We are here with bells on. Summer booking coming in rapidly. Round up your friends and family and get your summer plans together. June and July are of course the most popular periods., April is big. October is quite good. Lodging options here on

Any questions pick up that cell phone in your pocket and and dial us up! 406-235-3447.

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