Big Brown Trout on dry flies

Big Brown Trout on Dry Flies

You like good fish on top?

We do. The Missouri River is producing some really nice fish on the dry fly.

You can nymph them up too. Streamer fishing? OK I guess. “Not Much” is the quote from Dewey @ Headhunters.

Big Brown Trout on Dry Flies

Why would you fly fish with the big bug when you can hook ’em with the small white winged black? To each their own…I guess. 

The great thing about the Missouri River is that you can skin the cat in so many differing ways.

Small techy dry fly fishing is at it’s peak right now. Go to your spot and get them on the small dry. Whether it be the PMD. the Trico, the mysterious caddisfly.

If you want to roll the terrestrial betwixt points of rising interest feel free to do so. I would. Well, only if you like that sort of thing.

The Big Brown Trout on Dry Flies deal. 



Missouri River Summer Dry Fly Love

Honest. Dry Fly Love.

We so commonly, as of late, meaning the last decade, get categorized into a nymph loving resource. True in some respects.

Not true in others. Respects that is.

Montana’s Missouri River is a classic, the classic maybe, dry fly river. 7K catchable fish per mile. Just think about that for a moment. Name the other resources with that kind of number. 180K insects per square meter. Do the math on that one. Name some other rivers with that number.

So, fish the dry fly. We never disregard the value and effectiveness of the nymph, of the streamer fly. Never. We advocate the use of all. The ability to fish so many different disciplines on any given day is one of the reasons that the Missouri River is highly regarded in so many trout fishing circles.

While we love all the participants in so many differing styles of trout fishing…we love the dry fly.

It is why so many of the locals, the hangers on, the employees, the trout bums, the guides, the shop staffers, the waiters, the bartenders, the dreamers, the dry fly lovers, the travelers of the dry fly, the monks of the dry, the purists, the fantasizers, the reach casters of America.

They love this time period.

Who doesn’t love to catch or at least cast at Big Brown Trout Dry Flies?

Welcome to the Mo in August,. It truly does get more difficult as the month ticks by. Really hard in fact. Practicer a few times in your yard before getting on that jet airplane. You will appreciate the fly rod time in hand upon making the first cast on our beloved river.

The fishing has been just fantastic. Not everyone likes us to tell all to the readers. Well I do not believe that stating that the dry fly fishing is pretty damn good, pretty awesome, some may say mind-blowing….is wrong. The dry fly fishing on any given day is very good. Lots of opportunities for you fellers that like to toss the tiny dry.

Long live the dry fly fisherman!


Check out this kick ass video from Scumliner Media titled Dead Flies Don’t Swim


Dead Flies Don’t Swim from scumliner media on Vimeo.

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