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Blackfoot River Fishing Report 8.13.13

Fly Fishing on the Blackfoot River is pretty darned good right now. While many of Montana’s freestone streams are running dangerously low – several are on hoot owl restrictions – the Blackfoot is running clear and cool. We primarily fish on the upper reaches of the Blackfoot which are nearest to us. Some of the upper tributary creeks are pumping in some ice cold water. Fish love it.

Flows are currently on a slow rise at just under 700cfs at Bonner. We fish well above that area, and flows are more like 500 cfs. Easy in a raft, not so much in a hard boat. Bring your raft.

Temperatures are 62-68 degrees, again at Bonner. You can expect lower temperatures on the upper river. The river feels great.

The Spruce Moth hatch is winding down, but there are still a few mayflies and caddis hatching. On cloudy days you will find plenty of fish up and feeding on them. As days become shorter and nights cooler, you will find that mornings can be pretty quiet in terms of bugs and risers. You best bet is to use a large foam attractor with or with out a longer beadhead dropper. We’ve been doing well with large Morrish Hoppers, Ninch’s Peanut, Unabomber and Chubby Chernobyl’s. A UV Czech Nymph is a great dropper, but a variety of mayfly and caddis nymphs will work.

Afternoons bring more hopper activity, so stick with it. We like to cut the dropper off when the fishing heats up mid-day. Catch ’em on top if you can. We say.

You will also want to keep your eyes peeled for fish sipping mayflies and caddis in skinny riffles and foam-lines. Many of these fish are small. Some are not.

If you’re interested in a guided trip on the Blackfoot River, give the shop a call at 406-235-3447, or you can email any questions you have. Our guides have been fishing the Blackfoot quite a bit lately. Beautiful fish and scenery, cool, crystal clear water, and a bit more shade than the Missouri River offers.

If you need a shuttle on the Blackfoot, call Leroy and Sue Matvey at 406-793-3717. If you need a current Blackfoot River Fishing Report, call Headhunters at 406-235-3447.

Blackfoot River Montana fishing

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