Blackfoot River Fishing Report August 13th

Blackfoot River Fishing Report August 13th

Blackfoot River Fishing Report August 13th

Fished the canyon stretch with HH Guide Shane and friend Brian and had a ball.

Put in on the North Fork of the Blackfoot outside of Ovando. Skinny for sure. Did not have to get out and drag the boat though.

We were fishing from Squeeky’s SmithFly raft. Tiny, floats high, not much room, works perfectly. Really fishes well. Don’t bring any gear though. Only room for a pocket full of Chubbies and a soft sided Yeti Hopper. That’s it.

Blackfoot River Fishing Report
A few Classics to get you through on the Blackfoot!

Cool in the morning. Fish did not wake up for a couple hours. IF you put in at 8 or 9am you are just fine. Saw quite a few of North Fork Crossing Guides run by in the am. They too are skipping the River Junction dirt road. One dusty bugger that one is.

A shout out to Ovando Shuttle Service for running my shuttle even though I the resident idiot this time forgot to leave the dough for the shuttle above the visor. THANKS. That would be a long walk back up to Ovando!

Chubbie with Rubberleg dropper for the morning shift. Then on the the dry only afternoon. Small Chubbies, hoppers, Spruce Moths. You know, floaty flies. Love to fish them. We did see a pile of rising fish on soft seams and hard banks too. A good Trico showing on the Blackfoot proper. Fun stuff. We did catch a few sight casting to them. Did we stoop to their level and tie on a Trico pattern? No. But we certainly would have caught more. I bet that Quigley’s Cluster would wreck it on the B-Foot!

Lots of fun with Shane and Brian. Caught some nice fish and the requisite number of twinks too. Good to get over the divide and fish bait. Everybody enjoys it. Scenery is stunning. And it smells green, and clean, and earthy, and good.

Pulled out at Scotty Brown Bridge. The SmithFly is 120lbs. Yep, super light. Tight. Small. Perfect.

On at 830am off at 3pm. A great day.

Guide trips available from Headhunters Fly Shop and Guide Service on the famed Blackfoot River. Want to break up your Mo River trip with a jaunt across the Divide? Let us know. Not all of HH Guides run that trip so let us know in advance and we will get you lined out.

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    • He should Dave. Although he has not been as generous as you are during your local stays…even though you are local. I’ll remind Shane to start mixing/pouring a couple up after the guide day! I’m already thirsty!

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