Bobbers. A Nymphing Tale.

Bobbers. A Nymphing Tale.

Looks like nymphing is part of our daily routine here on the Mo this spring.

While we have dry fly opportunities daily, we also have lot so time in-between dry fly chances.

Streamer fishermen have not been setting any records either. So even they are leaning on the indicator for part of the day.


Bobbers. A Nymphing Tale

Use it as a tool to catch some trout.

Use it as a tool to learn the texture of the bottom of the river.

Use it to make your smile bigger.

Use it to kill time in-between hatches.

Use to teach fighting techniques.

Use it to float your nimps.

Use it to mix it up.

Use it to catch trout.


If you need some insight on how to rig with an indicator for Missouri River success stop on by the shop. We got yer back.

Bobbers come in all different shapes and sizes. The key for bobber success is for you to see minor changes in speed, in drift, in anything! For you to see the strike. Some like yarn, some the Thingamabobber, Fish-Pimp’s, Strike Foundry Sighters, and others Palsa Pinch-Ons.

We also have indicators for all occasions, for all types of angling, even for your type.

We have a few nymphs to drag behind the split shot too…


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