Missouri River Montana Fishing Report

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 4.23.14

Flows are holding at 8160 cfs with water temperatures moving upwards daily. The bugs like it too as we have been seeing more and more midge and baetis everyday.

The weather this week? Really quite nice yesterday and Monday. It went sour about 3pm yesterday and is scheduled to rain for a while. Or snow.

It really is spring here in Montana now as we can have all weather types in the space of one day, one afternoon. Today it may rain, snow, sleet, spew some gilt, dry out, then blow. Standard.

Bring all the gear if you are venturing out to hook some of our wily trout here on the Missouri River. Raingear should be included in your gear all 12 months. Bring your waders too.



Missouri River Montana Fishing Report

Flies? The big news is the real movement of the trout to the mayfly side. Pink is still killer with Amex and Rainbow Czech, SIli Scuds, Spicy Scuds, Tan UV Czech, and a pile of grey & tan colored sows leading the gaudy fly charge. The BWO nymphs are fishing really strong. S & M’s, Peep Show light and dark, Purple Lightening Bug, Trad. Old School Lightening Bug, Little Green Machine, Sparkle PT’s, Hot Spot PT’s and the list goes on.

Still rocking about 6′ to split. Some using a couple split or a BB. Find ’em. They may be off the bank farther than you think. I know the location has been moving on any given day. Search, search, and search some more.

The streamer bite has improved albeit slightly. Some chargin’ hard and using sink tips with decent results. Slow, and pause. That is the word.

Dries? Yep. Find a lee in the wind this week and look for the nose. He is there. Just gotta find them. Baetis and midge flies can get the trout to make a mistake. Emergers seem to be the trick. They will eat the dun for a while longer until they become wiser than we like. First cast still works. Although they will let you make a few mistakes still. That time frame will close soon.

Water? Probably more? Pure speculation. No word yet. We will let you know. Should see a little swelling in the trib’s if we get any measurable precip. this week.

Guide Trips? Daily. Just one more week of Spring Special pricing and then we move on to May. May looks strange. Most of the Headhunters Staff are big fans of May.

May brings March Browns, more Midge, more BWO’s, Caddis and yes, more fun. Book your trip today and your lodging too. Not too late to get in on our 2nd month of spring.

Shop open daily @ 8am for anything you ay need. New 12wt. gear in the store along with a ton of Headhunters Logo wear. Maybe a blog tomorrow outlining the cool stuff stacked to the beams at your favorite fly shop in Craig.

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