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Add a Blackfoot River trip to your annual Missouri River vacation.

A short scenery packed 1 hr jump over the Continental Divide to freestone bliss.

It can be tough to drag guests from the gentle runs and mega hatches of the Missouri River in Craig Montana but I gotta tell you that I have not had one angler regret the experience of the Blackfoot River.

June and July can be fantastic time periods to fish the Blackfoot.

Blackfoot River Map

June and July are the primary times to visit the Blackfoot when you can toss those mega foamy floaty bugs like stoneflies and the crowd favorite Salmonfly. I spent some unbelievable days across the mountains last year and cannot wait to enjoy the same sort of success in 2016.

We typically fish the upper portion, which in on the right side of the map, of the Blackfoot because of the vicinity to the Missouri River. If you want to fish the lower portion we can send you to some of our good friends on the westside of the hill.

Just a short reminder today to take advantage of the proximity to the Blackfoot River if you are spending a 3 or more days in the Craig area. You may enjoy catching some nice Cutthroats in the 16″ range on flies in the size 6 range. Flies even you can see. Everybody can see them. Including the fish. There are also browns and rainbows in the river that enjoy rising to a bushy fly.

Even if you do not like fishing floating dry flies you may like the unbelievable scenery in the Blackfoot Canyon. It truly is worth the trip just for the freestone experience. Think about adding a day across the divide on your 2016 Missouri River trip!

We have several guides that are familiar with the Blackfoot River. A few of them used to work on the westside full time before making their home here in the dry side. It is definitely worth the trip. It is always worth the trip!

Blackfoot River Trip
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