February Fly Fishing Forecast 2016

Missouri River February Fly Fishing Forecast 2016

February Fly Fishing Forecast 2016

We can start be saying the winter weather has left us for the next 10 days. Monday the daytime high achieved 58F. Look ahead. More to come.

Today we bring you the February Fly Fishing Forecast 2016. Not a ton to report or predict as it still qualifies as a winter month. And if you are an ardent follower of this very fishy blog you know very well that not much changes from mid-November thru mid-April.

Other than the winter/spring like weather. Like we are happily enduring this week.

No we don’t wish for this non-winter like weather but I don’t think we have to feel bad if we spend some time outdoors enjoying it.

February Weather Forecast

Average hi temperature in February is 38F with the average low coming in at 16F. February historical snowfall is 8″ which equals about 0.47 inches of precipitation. While we do not record the lowest average air temperatures we do witness the driest month on record on Montana’s Missouri River.

It can be windy in addition to the higher sun and warmer air temps. Be prepared for the wind. You can always give us a shout and we can step outside and hold the phone into the wind if you need to hear the river breeze. We go the extra mile for you folks our favorite anglers.

Expect the wind to blow 10-15mph from the SW. Pretty standard.

February Fly Fishing Forecast 2016

Missouri River February Hatch Report

The only insect that shows near or on the surface is the lowly Midge. The Midge is a perennial fish favorite and evident in our resource all twelve months. February is the first month when you may need your dry fly box. Certainly throw in the midge patterns, clusters, Buzzballs, Adams, CDC Midge, Griffith’s Gnat, and your favorite winter midge like patterns.

Any time during the day the Midge can appear. Morning, noon, and night. All good times for the Midge to make an appearance.

You will see the Midge moving about on the surface and fish rolling on them. Meaning the fish may not be daintily sipping individuals from the surface. It can be more like an inefficient sloppy selection near the surface film. So how do you catch those fish that do not seem to be rising on a beat, on a single insect, or doing anything remotely predictable?

Cast and wait. Then cast again and wait. Then change. Cast and wait in ponds. Or move onto something else. Your choice.

Missouri River February Fly Fishing Report 2016Missouri River Nymphing Update

Pink is the word. Still. Pink will be the theme for another couple months. Zebra’s are making a full time comeback this month as the Midge, as mentioned above, make their 2016 debut. Firebeads, LB’s, Czech’s, worms, etc.

Fish the slow and not so slow waters. Inside bends, tail-outs, buckets, and of course those nonsense ponds.

The entire river is currently rising well. Most are packed on the upper river. Your choice. If you like to get away from the rest of the gang, get below Craig.

Missouri River Streamer Forecast

Most are throwing the 2 handed Trout Spey rod with a streamer on the terminal end. Those that are throwing the single handed rod are dead drifting it with some soft and silky action. Zonkers, buggers, Arnold’s Stinger Sculpin, and those levitation type bunny patterns.

Any 3, 4, or 5 weight trout spey rod will get the job done whether you be a Skagit or Scandi fan. The Skagit gang is throwing an intermediate tip with a non weighted fly pattern. Getting the line towards the bottom but having the fly flutter around off of the bottom enticing some good strikes. The Scandi fellas are liking it to. The water level is int he upper 3K range. Find that perfect swing water and let ‘er fly. Stripping and jigging are effective techniques for hooking fish.

Headhunters has the largest selection of Trout Spey rods in the enormous state of Montana. Come by, call, or email us with any questions about this growing faction of fly fishing.

Headhunters Fly Shop February Findings

Headhunters Fly Shop open every day @ 8am. We are the only shop in Craig, or the canyon, with regular hours.  Shuttles daily. Rental boats from Adipose Boatworks. 20+ Trout Spey rods ready for DEMO daily. The best in fly selection, information, SIMMS products, hundreds of fly lines in stock, YETI Hopper Coolers, Smith and Costa sunglasses, Galvan and Abel reels…your one stop shop in downtown Craig Montana.

February Fly Fishing Forecast 2016
We need more water in the hills!



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