Missouri River

We can’t keep them off the Missouri River!

Lots of college kids here this week. Finals…

While I don’t remember much of my finals week, I do remember wanting to fish, all the time.

I would trick my self into tying flies instead of studying. I felt that moving forward in some direction was better than moving laterally or backwards!

A bunch of sun seekers plying their fly fishing trade not he calm waters of the Missouri today. Nearing the 10 shuttle mark, a couple cabins rented, and bankies littered up and down the river like trout bums at Joe’s Bar. After dark…

Super Sale items in the store too. Those college educated yutes know a deal when they see ’em!

Snow is forecast for tomorrow and we want more sun. Knowing that we need the continued precipitation for summer flows, we just want it to rain and snow during the non-daylight hours. Selfish? Yah probably.

Winter Guide Trips $400. Got a couple out today. You want in? Pick up the phone and get on board. Some have been asking about the Headhunters Famous Spring Special. It’s coming!

The February Spey Clinic is chock full of 2 handed fanatics. The waiting list is about 7 right now. The March 8th Spey Clinic is nearly full too. So if you want in call us for that assignment as well.

A few things to put on your spring calendar include the Craig Caddis Festival on May 17th. Big time fun in Craig. The F3T in Great Falls Friday March 14th. Headhunters Fly Shop and Craig Trout Camp are big sponsors of the tour this year giving away a 4 day guided trip with 5 nights at Craig Trout Camp. Attendance is all you need to win.

Winter fishing is in full swing. Nymphers are having a ball wearing out their arms.  Swingers? Gettinga few and enjoying the learning aspect too. Dry fly anglers? Looking through their binoculars mostly. Then approaching softly.

Headhunters Fly Shop open everyday for your fishing and angling needs. Our booking agents are eagerly awaiting your phone call. Call us up if you want a synopsis of any specific time of the year, dry fly hatches, soft periods, deals, lodging options etc.


See you here on America’s favorite trout stream this summer…or this week!

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