Sunday Super-Humans | Zappa Edition

Moving to Montana soon. Gonna be dental floss tycoon.

Or a fly shop guy. John and I both came here for the trout, not the floss.

My love for Zappa was an unwelcome one. I worked at a slope side restaurant @ White Pass Washington for 5 years. My ski partner and bartender played Zappa nearly every night for that 5 year period. Occasionally Rage Against the Machine. 95% Zappa Fest.

I gotta say I did not like Zappa music that much. It’s kinda like Sushi, you gotta force yourself to love it!

Til I left the ski hill. Then I yearned for an hour or two of Frank weekly.

So here is a tribute to Frank Zappa singing “Montana” live in 1981. A cool video as he introduces his band for this MTV recorded concert on Halloween.

Enjoy your Sunday dreaming of Montana




Frank Zappa, Sunday Super-Humans, video
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  • Zappa was a genius. Check out his Lumpy Gravey album. He spent the last years of his life writing and conducting amazing 
    classical music.

  • SOL.
    In the Catskills, we love Zappa… as well the Ramones.  
    On a few instances, our clients have forgone their shoreside lunch of proscitto and mozz with roasted red peppers and balsamic oil for an encore of “Brown Shoes Don’t Make It” before a Hendrickson hatch.

    (please upload pix if you don’t want the URL spam)


  • Justin Stockfish
    January 26, 2014 5:11 pm

    You just solidified yourself as the most badass shop in the state. FZ IS THE MAN!!! 

  • Trivia… FZ only musician to be inducted to the Rock-n-Roll and Jazz Hall of Fame. Freaking Genius! Good Stuff SOL!

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