Fly Fishing Belize

Did You Fly Fish Belize in High School?

These Kids are Alright

Here a video from Lonely Osprey Productions, and group of younger anglers from the East Coast. We’ve become familiar with these cats through Vimeo. Here’s what they say:

We are a group of 15 and 16-year-old kids from Manhattan. It is hard to foster an interest in fly fishing while living in a big city like New York. We have started a fly fishing club at our school which has gained a surprising amount of traction: approximately 25 members. We fish the trout streams in close proximity to the city, as well as the long island sound for stripers, blues, and albies. Occasionally, we get to fish the tropics and this is when most of our filming takes place. However, stay tuned for our upcoming striper film!
Thanks for the exposure and keep the videos coming.
Tight Lines!
-LOP (Thomas Freund and Michael Kamsky)

Cool. Very. Now here’s what they do:

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