Mobile (or not) Video Fishing Report

If you check out the home page of the Headhunters Website today, you see a tall skinny video in the blog section, featuring our new Mobile Video Fishing Report. We’ve threatened to do this for years. Looks like we’re actually following through. Instead of a detailed fishing report, this will be more of a monthly overview of the conditions we are experiencing, and those you should expect. Hopefully you’ll enjoy some nice footage along the way.

We’re also going to use this to feature some of our staff and guides. But don’t worry, I’m sure Mark and others you’re familiar with will be reporting as well.

Why is it tall and skinny? Check it out on you mobile device and you’ll see why. Easy to watch full screen with one hand. No turning your device sideways. Of course you can still watch it on your desktop.

This is referred to as “vertical video” and is very controversial among film makers. Meaning they hate it.  But like a lot of folks, I watch many (most?) videos on my phone. It makes sense. Think about it.

And for those wondering why, almost half of our website visits are on mobile devices. An indication of both our customers tech-saviness and age, and hopefully a result of the hard work we’ve put in trying to keep our site mobile friendly.

And for the first test edition, here’s Shane Wilson who hammered them on nymphs the other day when we filmed this. He’s dialed…

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