Spend you Gas Savings in Craig Montana this Summer!

With fuel prices dropping why not start a gas savings account. Or put it in your Piggy Bank.

Then crack that ceramic swine over the head and book a trip to Craig Montana this summer. Or spring. Maybe fall?

Booking strong this winter for our famous Spring Special beginning March 15th for $350. All the way through April.

Craig Montana

BWO’s start in the middle of April with caddis and March Browns in May. June brings PMD’s and more caddis. Trico’s take up the entirety of July with PMD’s and Caddis playing a large role too. Terrestrials? July and August into September with ants and hoppers and beetles. And of course we love the fall for BWO’s and an occasional October Caddis!

We have a ton of lodging available at CraigLodging.com. From 2 beds all the way to a dozen we got you covered. Call us for more information after you visit the website. We have some new lodging coming on line very soon. A couple properties in downtown Craig and one that you may like in Wolf Creek. Your lodging juggernaut on the Missouri River Montana.

Don’t forget to book your guide too. Rental boats, Project Healing Waters boats, NRS Freestone Inflatable Drift Boats…your one stop fly fishing stop in Craig.

Gas Price Index according to AAA.

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