You vow to get better this year?

No? Discontinue reading this short blog today, the 2nd day of the year.

Cast today.

It is that simple. Lots of short sessions far, far, far, far, far better than one long session the weekend before your favorite trip of the year.

Cast today. 10 minutes.

Or 5 minutes.

Or 3 minutes.

Repeat on day 3 of the year. Or day 7.

Once a week will help tremendously. You won’t even believe the improvement. It’ll blow your freaking casting mind, man.

Shout out to John Ewing on this day. His photo above. Long time HH guest. We love John and John and Robert. John practices. 


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  • It is true. Close your eyes and feel the rod load without the distraction of the river or fish. Pull forward and stop, pull back and stop. It is magic.

  • Mark

    Love des passion filled posts on “practice”…but I smile every time I read and hear your voice through the written words… thoughts immediately drift towards how many of us readers, us wannabe top tier flycasters, honestly react per the loud and forever, yet truly empty shout out of Allen Iverson years ago… “I mean we talking bout practice right?”….
    The most impactful coaches, mentors, and influencers (can you tell I do have two millennial children) are those that “do” , “who can walk the talk”, and are filled with natural proclivity to teach …. ALMOST ALL us dreamers of the ring in the rise need practice (lots of practice lol), but more than that need the voice of someone who can do…. Love da blog 2024 off to good start

  • Mark

    Short casting sessions are much better! After 60 yrs of fly fishing I still cast like a gorilla at the beginning of each year until the rhythm comes back!! Speaking of casting, tell your nymphers to keep twitching and they will be much more successful in general.

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