Casting Tip Today from Tim Rajeff

Casting Tip Today from Tim Rajeff

One of the great casters, instructors, and minds in todays fishing world. He also makes some pretty popular rods by the name of ECHO.

Tim today talks about Off-Shoulder casting. Truly an important cast here on this big river in Montana we fish daily. The Missouri River in Craig.

Why? Because the wind blows all the time. And sometimes upriver outta the north. Making it difficult. It may not blow against the grain all day long, or it will…nevertheless if you cannot execute this cast, those days will not yield many trout. Or opportunities.

So why not increase your chances and learn this valuable trout casting tool before summer 2020. Winter is a great time to add a couple tools to your box.

I am not one who learns casting on the water. Not enough time for that. When I’m on the water I am fishing. Not practicing. Learning is what you do off the water. Ask any great caster what they do. I know pro athletes don’t learn fundamentals on the field. No way man. Not during game time.

Yes, some yahoo is gonna comment that they can learn new casts, tread in unfamiliar waters, and conjure up some casting brilliance from the ashes of his last cast… on the water. And maybe you can sir. But the casting mortals, which is all of us but you, are best serviced by learning this kind of cast on the lawn. In a casting laboratory.

Yessir. At a time when you can concentrate on the cast. Not the rising trout.

Go out and practice this cast. It will not take much time to learn. Nope. You will pick it up pretty quickly. Because your brain already knows how to cast. And when you need to employ the Off-Shoulder Cast on the water, you will already know how it feels!

That other fella, your fishing partner brother-in-law will be thrashing around tomahawking freely rising trout. Unfortunately he’s the guy who can learn, on the water.

And then turn to you in the back of the boat and say “You wanna give these a shot?”

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  • I like Tim’s explanations, they don’t ramble on and on like some. This one is concise, easy to follow and “gets the job done”. Hope we see part 2 tomorrow with the Trout Spey Version. That one I got to experience and learn from Mike M, again at the October Event. I had never done the cast before, even back in the day – 1999>2002 with a 12 1/2ft Spey rod (Skagit/Sauk days while in the Navy). Dec Hogan tried to teach me the “Spey Thing” early in ’99, but I was my usual stubborn-self. Wasn’t till I started buying some DVD’s (RIO) that I Self Taught best I could. Navy wages weren’t quite up to snuff to afford Hiring the Pros! The short winter days find me indoors a lot & I usually ramble thru the “Google-verse” and find teaching videos to hold me over till a nice day shows up. Then I plan to take the very short drive down to the Little Spokane River and “practice” what I’ve seen that I like on the Google.
    Gonna miss being able to sometimes catch Tim and the other guys at Rajeff Sports now that they won’t be Airflo’s USA distributor. They were helpful to me figuring out which lines would work best on my Sage rods. Oh well. Hope we see some more of Tim (here) with a Trout Spey tip or 2, but truth is I’d REALLY like to see some new video teachings via Mike M. Stay warm.

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