Classic Rewind: Winter Spey Video

Classic Rewind: Winter Spey Video

This vid from Scumliner Media Switch It Up.

Longer rods earlier in the progression of Trout Spey lines, rods, tips, etc. No longer are we tossing a short and light 6126’s! 3’s ands 4’s are the common rod with 2 wt’s finding their way into your quiver. A 1wt will fill it out.10′-12′ rods are the norm. ¬†Lines have progressed at an even faster rate with an attainable perfect line match out there for you.

But this video of the HH gang is a classic. Winter like out there right now reminded us of this short.

Snow on the ground today.

Spey casters on the river.

A flood of summer bookings at the shop daily.

Lots of anglers Saturday.

Presidents’ Weekend. Hope you have tomorrow off as well.

Quiet on the river today. Snowing and blowing. An average, thank goodness, February day. We need a few more of these to get us outta the lack of water deal we got going on. Not good English, but you get the point. Enjoy your Sunday wherever you are.

Winter Spey Video
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