Closed for the Frigid Weekend

Too damn cold for us. And you too. Temperatures below 0F make it silly for us to be in the shop…and for you to be on the river.

Too damn cold. We will be open Monday morning @ 8am for all your Mo River needs.

You can contact Julie both Saturday and Sunday @ 406/868-5473 during normal shop hours for any booking information or to book your summer trip.

Remember the Spring Special for mere $300 this March 15th thru the end of April. The best guide deal on the Missouri this spring, by a wide margin!

The photo is from a few years ago…can you see the changes?

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  • Keep warm guys.
    A bottle of rum may just be the answer…!

  • FireGirl_Jess
    March 3, 2014 6:43 am

    I saw the pic, and before reading, had a moment of panic looking for the kayak shed. 🙂  Hope you guys are staying warm!

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