Damsels in Distress video

Damsel in Distress. Super Sick Video.

Saw this a couple of days ago on Vimeo and several customer sent us the link to be sure we saw it. The kind of customers who don’t watch video’s, or at least share them with us. Like Charlie Johnson. Thanks, Charlie. You ‘da man, as always.

You know, if I actually saw this, then caught that fish, i might quit fly fishing. For trout at least.

This was shot by our good friend Simon Perkins who works at the Orvis Co., and you are all familiar with from “Sipping Dry” featuring some super cool guides form the Missouri. The video is 2:39, and you’ll wish it was 2:39:00. Awesome.

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  • Unbelievable.  It must have been cool to have gotten to experience it.  Nature unbelievable.

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