Headed out guiding this week as the March Madness begins.

Jared has been out already and the rest of the Spring Gang, the Headhunters Crew, is trickling, dribbling into Craig.

When do you want to make your arrival known in the fishing capitol of Montana?

Day 1 | 2014

Still get pretty excited and nervous before the first day of guiding of any new season. Good Nervous.

Not Day 1 fishing this year, just Day 1 Guiding.

The fishing thing does not come with the side of general nervous. Fishing s just the good part.

Lists in your head in regards to the boat preparation, boat bag prep, hats, gloves, Thermos’…

Do I have the right rods along? Did I remember my fishing license, my guide license, my clue?

Will we catch some fish? Will the guests be happy. Will they be warm? Will they learn?

Day 1 is always like this. Good Nervous.

15 years of the same fantastic feeling. You must have had experiences similar to this. Good Nervous is one of the feelings that make us continue fishing,

Seeing that occasional dumb browny trout riser that you just know you will get, if you don’t foul it up too bad.

That is Good Nervous. Day 1 is full of these situations.

I used to get as worked up over the beginning of the ski season. Good Nervous.

Stoked really. Preparation is important for both of these pursuits. Ducks in a row. Preapring for the big day is pretty fun too.

Whatever your passion, whatever the season, whatever kind of  energy you channel embrace it.

The winter of tying flies, rebuilding comfier boat seats, re-lining reels, re-filling the leader wallet, dreaming of midge hatches.

All good Day 1 stuff.

Today will be filled with Good Nervous.

I like it.

When is your Day 1? We hope you join us this spring to knock the rust off in the Missouri.

$300 Guide Trips are upon us in 10 days and what better time for you to take a long weekend and fish the Missouri.

When is your Day 1?


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  • Well my day 1 is April 3rd and since my gang has a few weeks of time to kill before we visit you in Craig what should we tie up knowing of course if we tied all winter we would still add to our collection the first morning we stumble into HeadHunters? And has Izaaks come out of hibernation?

  • It feels like the first time! It feels like the very first time!

  • Nailed it here, Mark. Had all those same feeling this week, it never changes.

  • I don’t like nervous guides!

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