Dry Fly Days Ahead

Dry Fly Days Ahead

Dry Fly Days Ahead

Yes. Gotta be true. Not too good the past three days for rising trout. No bugs.

No bugs, no trout.

But that will all change today, right? Always thinking positively. PMD’s, Caddis, Sally’s.

Water Report

The river should be falling soon. Inflows at Boston are 16K and headed down the curve. The Dearborn is 1100cfs at press time. Clearing rapidly below the confluence. John fished below a couple days ago with success. Saw a couple boats below Md C today. Tomorrow? Several I’m sure.

That will relieve the pressure cooker that has been the upper river. That will be good. Boxing the masses on the right side of the river for 14 miles is not the best.

We do see some more precipitation in the forecast. Let’s hope it just waters our grass and not the entire state this time. We Loe the greenery, but within reason.

Fishing Report

Nymphers long with a couple BB’s at 7′-8′. Caddis Pupa, PMD’s, worms, sows, scuds up top. Small techy nymphs that you know the names of or not…they work. I was getting them Tuesday on the Browns Two-Bit Hooker. My previous favorite was the Split Back PMD. Tungsten Redemption and the French rule!

Dry fly guys searching. Mostly searching. The fish are catchable when you find them. Make a good drift and get the net wet. Cripples, emergers, softies, and sometime the Dun. The dun window is closing though.

Dry fly rods will see more action as the water falls. Lots more.

The Craig Scene

The river is about to blossom man. Come uncorked. A re-birth will occur. Where will you be when I write some sterling reports of dry fly Valhalla.

I’d try to be knee deep up in it man. Right here in downtown Craig re-thinking your life decisions.

Headhunters is ready to roll. As many dry fly patterns as there is stars in the sky. Sun gear. Logo wear. All the flavors of GINK. Information. Boats. Lodging. Coffee. Fishy dudes hanging around the porch. The place to be in Craig.

Open daily in the early morning. Open late until the sun goes down. The latest information regarding the Missouri River always here on the Headhunters Blog!

Ohhhh boy. It’s gonna happen.

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