Easter Weekend Missouri River Fishing Report

Easter Weekend Missouri River Fishing Report

Easter Weekend Missouri River Fishing Report

The machine is in full motion here on Montana’s finest tailwater fishery as we move into the Easter Weekend Missouri River Fishing Report.

The Midges are in motion, the BWO’s are nearly a topic of discussion, Izaak’s is open, Headhunters expanding their spring hours soon, guides out daily with the annual HH Spring Special, and lots of smiles this Easter weekend.

Easter Weekend Missouri River Fishing Report
Spring Nymphers!

Dry Fly Report

The dry fly action is not what we prefer as of yet. But the reports Friday afternoon were encouraging. Some good rising fish below Craig as HH shop guru Dewey reported some midge activity in some of the historical midge locales.

I took a long hard look at the Craig Bridge about 4pm expecting some of the same type of action but saw very little as far as nose’s poking through the surface.

Skwala’s? Oh, on the doorstep.

Spawning Trout

What I did see at the Craig Bridge were lots of spawning Rainbows. So do not step on Redds this month or next or the next. They are into the spring fling and chasing each other around. I have always stated fishing over Redds is like kicking pregnant women in the stomach. Just don’t do it. It’s like a milk lover killing the cow. Make any analogy you like…but the truth is clear. If you like more trout, you will respect the spawning season and act accordingly.

Nymph Report

Very good. It has leveled out and the fishing is strong most of the day. Of course you will find slow spots and times of the day but for the most part it has been very good.  Mostly deep nymphing with split shot or not and the traditional  Fish the winter and spring and some summer spots too. Not really on the hard banks yet. June is a better time of that type of behavior.

Pink, Red, and Blue Winged Nymphs. Lot of the cool Baetis stuff going out the door. Little Green Machines, Pearl LB’s, Two Bit Hookers, Micro Mays, Ju-Ju Baetis, Magic Fly’s, Zebra’s, Quig’s Olive Pupa’s, and lots more fun stuff.

We are moving out of the the winter box. But do not let it get too far out of site as you will need it daily for a month or better.

Streamer Report

Not as good form some of the staff reporting Friday. Slower for sure. Reports at the bar reinforce that initial report. By the time you read this it may have changed. A good time to get your streamer rod tuned up with a new fly line. Streamer lines do not last quite as long as other lines…meaning days. Streamer lines go in and out of your rod tip far more often than either your nymph or dry fly lines do. Just like tires…the more you drive the more often they need to be replaced. HH has lots and lots of streamer lines in stock from RIO, Airflo, Wulff, and OPST.

You want to see what is happening in a fishing report? Check out the Mobile Fishing Report on your handheld device here

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 9.57.25 PM
Consult your Missouri River Ouija Board for summer flows.

Weather, Flows, and Temps

Temps nearing the 40F mark. Should exceed that temp shortly. Then big things happen. Flows are in the middle 3K’s. Normal. Will we see more water? Consult your Missouri River Ouija Board for the answer. Then give me a call.

The weather has been wild as of late. Snow, sun, wind, sleet, and overcast. Mix in some calm with overcast. That is what we really like. More of that please.

This weekend and front end of the week ahead will show us more of the same. Looks like some warmer weather that we have had the last couple days. Look for some wind with hi’s in the 50’s.

Downtown Craig Montana

Headhunters open at 8am and late til at least 6pm. Izaak’s at 4pm for dinner and apps and cocktails etc. Joe’s daily at 8am and really late til 2am. The O in WC dinner til 7pm.

Spring Special Guide pricing @ $350. Lodging starting at $125. We got lot so of it too. Adipose rental boats, NRS Freestone inflatable drift boats for rent and sale, flies galore, the famous fly line wall, friendly HH staff, and the YETI on the porch.

Happy Holiday Easter Weekend. See you on the river.



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