Montana Fishing Report

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 9.27.13

Heard many anglers stating this past week…“Best day ever.”

Not everybody. Because not everybody, every angler can achieve this peak daily. So, don’t want to get your expectations too high, but it is, and has been fishing quite well.

Hope I did not jinx the next week. Mother Mo is one hearty gal, she will stay strong.

Most of these folks were nymphing, as the nymphing in Zeptember is fantastic. Many call September the best nymph month of the year. Probably because during many years the dry fly bite is not all that great. But wait…the dry fly bite is pretty damn good right now.

Yes indeed, pretty good. The Pseudo hatch is strong and some true baetis have been seen as well. Pods of rising trout in the afternoon, and late afternoons have been targeted with dry fly success. Yes, a good start to our fall dry fly bite. Today with the higher sun and lack of shitty inclement weather may not prove to be as fantastic. We’ll see as the boats come off of the water this Friday.

The wind may creep into our plans too. Call for an up to the minute report from the highly trained and experienced Headhunters Fly Shop Staff. They can give you the skinny on the fishing, the weather, the Missouri River Mood!

Montana Fishing Report | Missouri River

Nymphs that rule include the Micro May, Indigo Child, Red Headed Step Child, Pearl LB, Lanier’s Lucent LB, Mat’s Auto Cad, FBPT, GRHE, Zebra, Rainbow Czech, Tan UV Czech, T-HEad PT, Quig’s Midge Pupa, Arnold’s Sili-Scud, Bloom’s FB Sow…and yes we have a bucket full of Rainbow Czech Nymphs.

Dry Flies include Para Adams, Pseudo Smoke Jumper, small Peacock PMX’s, October Caddis, Weise’s Purple Phase, Purple Crips, D & D Crips, Harrops Crip, Callibaetis Spinners & Crips…

Streamer fishing is coming on strong. Buggers in all flavors, leeches, Flesh Eating Sculpins, Yellow Yummy, Sparkle Minnows, Skiddish Smolts, Marabou Clousers, Foxy Clousers…how about a new Streamer line. It’ll make you happier. It’ll make you cast happier. Honest.

The fishing truly is good. Very good for some. We are pretty damn excited about the month of October. IT should be, by all indications, be off the charts. We love the Blue Winged Devils!

Flows are in the 3K range with water temps looking awesome as they are falling daily.

Headhunters Fly Shop & Guide Service open daily for all your Missouri River Montana needs. 7am til 8pm is enough time for you to wander in at your leisure and catch some killer sale items. Early Christmas present for yourself? Why not, you deserve it.

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