Missouri river mayfly nymphs

Missouri River Mayfly Nymphs

All you need to get through your nymphing session on the Missouri is a pocketful of mayfly nymphs.

And maybe a Scud or two. A sow, a worm…or another mayfly nymph like a giant P-Tail up top!

Missouri River Mayfly Nymphs

The nymphing in Zeptember is off the charts. Bot every September is this good. Some are, and others are not. It has been a few years since we have witnessed the bite get better every day. Yep, incrementally better every day. Some may even state, exponentially. But, they must have been History Majors to make such a mathematical blunder. A boner in fact.

It is getting better daily. The weather is in the crapper. Generally makes for good waterfowling and good Missouri River fly angling. Blowing hard today with overcast skies accompanying the wind from the south, and west.

Back to the Case for Mayfly Nymphs

Any PT will suffice. Small, large, in-between. Red, purple, pink? You so often read in the mags and online articles about the top 10 flies, the only 10 flies you need…well, the PT is part of that conversation.

And for good reason. It just flat catches fish. And lots. Get yourself a bundle of them and tie them on.

Short, long, top or bottom. The mighty mayfly needs to be part of your game.

Stop in the shop for hints, suggestions, rules of the mayfly trade. Get it on a short leash or get them deep. We love them all.

Get your mayfly on!


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