Fish 12, Sleep 12. Autumnal Equinox 2016

Fish 12, Sleep 12. Autumnal Equinox 2016

Today the daylight hours and dark hours equal the same. 12 hours of each.

Tomorrow, more dark than light. Summer is over my fishy friends.

Along with the darker hours we get cool fall fly hatches. And more time to sleep.

Take advantage of the darker hours by tying flies, practicing casting in the dark, and dreaming about fishing the Mo.

The kick ass hard core anglers on on their way. The weather this week and the direction we are heading is for the angler who likes nature. The colors are changing rapidly, the brown trout are on the move.

Not too many anglers on the Mo as of late. Most are stuffed up top. Lighter traffic elsewhere.

Tiny mayfly nymphs along with larger sz 12 offerings along with the elusive October Caddis plunged below a bobber seem to be the key. The worm can be real hot too!

Love the Mo in the fall. Now it is official.

Happy Equinox from all of us…

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