Fly Fishing Fellowship

Fly Fishing Fellowship

Fly Fishing Fellowship

There are several reasons that we start fly fishing. Fly Fishing Fellowship is why most of us stay in the game as long as we do.

We see lots of good friends, fishing partners, and spouses that fish together year after year. Some are fishing together for the first time. While many are fishing with fly fishing partners that they have developed a relationship through fly fishing.

Fishing can be that bridge that joins us. Fly Fishing Fellowship is really terrific. I truly believe that.

Who is your favorite fishing partner. Your daughter or your son? Your neighbor. A friend that you do not see often enough. But the glue that holds you two together may be fishing. Or the outdoors.

It’s probably not Facebook.


Whether you are fishing in your local pond or creek make sure to enjoy your fishing friends. They certainly are part or your entire experience.

We have lots of anglers in our boats that really like to watch their fishing pals fish. It can be equally as rewarding to watch your buddy hook a few trout as opposed to you tempting a couple on the fly.

Fly Fishing Fellowship is part of the game. For many, it is most of the experience. For some it is everything.





Fly Fishing Fellowship
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  • Reminds me of my old Danish neighbor as kid who introduced me to fly fishing here in Michigan on tough, narrow creeks. That was 40 years ago but I still think about him – this fellow really knew stream tactics in Michigan.

  • Reminds me of my old Danish neighbor who taught me to sling the long stick as a kid. This guy knew small stream tactics for spooky Michigan trout – still think about him today. Great article!

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