Headhunters Fly Speculation

Headhunters Fly Guru Ninch and Jake from Montana Fly Company hammering out a few specifics of flies for the coming year.

Of course we have some fresh magic for in store for 2014. Ninch is masterminding the flies, fantasizing really, of your future. Just like a personal shopper @ Nordstroms, Ninch is your personal fly guy.

The best fly selection requires the most fly speculation

What will Ninch bring in this coming year? What fly patterns will he purge from the best stocked fly bins in Craig?

Will he bring in more foamies? More techy nymphs. More CDC? Triple jointed streamers?

We can only say the flies will be kick ass in nature and trout flavored.

Ninch, he’s so fly.

Ninch, he’s got your back.

Ninch, your personal fly buyer.

Fly Specualtion
Oh yeah. He’s Fly.
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