Fly Tying Thursday Classic Rainbow Czech

Fly Tying Thursday Classic Rainbow Czech

If you don’t have this fly in your Missouri River box we know one of two things about you.

Wither you are a dry fly guy, or you have not fished the Mo before.

The Rainbow Czech is a fly pattern that many anglers have on their nymph rig at all times. Or a facsimile thereof.

So, if you are new to the MO, tie this feller up. Lots of them. Squeeky uses this fly 12 months of the year. He does not take it off, often. Always the lead fly of one of the two nymph rigs.

If you got some time this week ahead and don’t know what to do, tie this up for your 2020 spring Mo River Trip.

Do we have the kits available? Of course, JAV kits are proprietary and only available at Headhunters of Craig! See them below and get yours today.

Or you can call the shop and chat with our full time shop staff that can guide you into more JAV kits to tie this winter!

Happy Holidays. Enjoy the week ahead! Come fish if you wish. It’s pretty good!

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