It’s Fly Tying Time Just Add Vise Kits!

It’s Fly Tying Time Just Add Vise Kits!

It is tying time in America! Post Christmas Blues got you down? Well perk up with the JAV KITS and tie up some spring and summer flies.

May of us try to catch up and prepare for the upcoming trout season by tying our asses of in the winter months. My theory has always been to tie a ton of the EZ flies. Then buy the hard ones. Any fly with more than 6 or more steps is something I want to get at the fly shop. So I tie a bunch of dirty worms, Zebra’s, Weight flies, Firebeads, ants, Buzzball’s and the like.

What do you tie at home. I know that before I became a fishing guide I tied lots  of short run patterns too. All kinds of creative dry flies too. Those days are unfortunately behind me and I miss them. I love to tie flies. A great evening journey along with a glass of brown water that sometimes lasts until the morning.

Get your Just Add Vise Kits @ Headhunters

Our JUST ADD “VISE” fly tying kits are super popular and many customers buy several kits to get them through the winter! These kits are designed for tyers who have grasped the basic moves of fly tying, and are priced just as if you bought the materials individually. The package comes with everything needed to tie 2 dozen flies, and has a material list included so you can re-supply when needed. You can watch our short “how-to” videos if you need help with a step or two. These are extremely fun along with the video are great for those camped out on the Missouri River or camped out in the basement for the week! Just make sure you have your vice, scissors and bobbin. If not, we have that stuff as well!


Take the best sowbug patterns and put a Firebead on it. You have an egg pattern. You also have one of the most popular early season flies and winter patterns on the water. We’ve put together this Firebead Ray Fly Tying kit that will allow you to tie up 2 dozen flies for your next fishing trip.

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