Flyfishing is bereft of humor


(Some) Flyfishers are a serious folk.

RIP Worst Flyfishing Products Blog. 2 folks, out of a ton of readers could not handle it…

Flyfishing is bereft of humor.

Trust me. I’m a humorless guide.

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Well, I’m laughing. Your humor, or the lack thereof, is not wasted here at Heckert Haus. 

Aw, don’t cave to the haters!

It was great. Piss on the two who were bothered.

There may be some things in this life you lack, Squeeky, humor isn’t one them.

Your post and homor were great just had to add my 2 cents worth!

F%&K em if they can’t take a joke…maybe they ARE the joke.

Well if they can’t find the
humor in it.  Maybe they will when you don’t stock the worthless stuff in your shop.  Now that is when the humor comes into play.